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3 Reasons to Start a Hotshot Trucking Business

So what is hotshot trucking? The term likely originated decades ago in the Texas oilfields, where off road drilling and pumping operations necessitated the use of agile pickup trucks to speedily deliver parts. It now applies to super-duty pickup trucks with gooseneck trailers carrying small, time-sensitive freight. We�ve compiled 3 reasons you should consider starting your own hot shot company.

1. It�s cheaper to start up. Besides being a lot of fun, the hot shot business allows for lower start-up costs than traditional trucking. That means you can be your own boss without going badly into debt. Hotshot trucks are powerful and affordable. They�re typically a class 3-5 truck, used in combination with a variety of trailers. Fuel also isn�t as much of an issue as a larger truck. Not to mention, a hotshot typically won�t drive a full trailer.

2. There's far less waiting. You�ll always be on the go. There�s much less wait time with Hotshot trucking. Besides load boards, there are also dispatch services to keep your wheels turning.

3. It�s lucrative. While there may be more responsibility on your shoulders, you�ll reap all the benefits. As the owner/operator you can determine your own salary, and the income is considered as good, or better than class 8 pay.